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Comments 2014

From : kerry@splendidproductions




Just a really quick one to say thank you so much for all our nominations, but most of all for

embodying the spirit of the Fringe… where would we be without audiences taking chances

on crazy things they’ve never heard of? Long may you continue to risk your precious hours

and ticket money!


Have a tremendous evening and we hope to see you again soon,


Kerry and Team Splendid


From : robertauton


Hi David, thanks for your email. Top news that I have been nominated, thanks a lot.

Thoughts on the festival It's a good place to go if you want to see how much of a physical and mental

assault your body and mind can take.

All the best,



From : tomindeed




Dear David


What a nice email to receive - thank you very much indeed. I had a wonderful time in Edinburgh

and Comedy in the Dark is a great way to approach stand up - it changes the parameters of what

we do and challenges us to still make the gig work. I'm really glad you enjoyed my performance there.


I hope the 13th September is a wonderful evening and I look forward to hearing all about it.


Best wishes and many thanks,




From: davespencer



Many thanks that is wonderful news!


We look forward to hearing the results today!






From : java.dance


Hi David,

That's so exciting about the nominations. Thanks! Here are a few thoughts.... We loved Edinburgh.

It felt like we got to know every bumpy cobblestone on The Red Bus. We've never had such a musical bus

driver (who adjusted the bus route depending on where we were up to in the music). The audiences were

very up for the ride and we had a fantastic time! We also managed to see more than 25 shows even though

we were performing 37 shows.




Wow, David...! Amazing..!


Calypso Nights really is the gift that keeps on giving huh.. :)


Thoughts on Edinburgh:


So glad I bought a bicycle Best vinyl record hunting anywhere What a place for a Juan to be... I felt

very much embraced in your cobblestoney Foster's soaked arms xx


From : arharris123


Hi David,

That's fantastic news! My comments are:


Edinburgh was a great experience for us - we took a few risks with The Future For Beginners

in mixing a straight play with opera and electro-beats but it paid off. We loved being at

Summerhall - the space was an old vet's dissection lab which added to the strangeness

of the world the audience enters. They also brewed their own beer on-site - perfect.


Thanks again for coming to see the show - hope you are well and hopefully catch you soon.





From : rkherring

That's great news David. The cast will be very pleased.


Edinburgh felt like a bit of a struggle for me this year. It was enormously expensive to put on

the play and it didn't sell as well as I hoped, so I am really pleased that all the hard work that went

into making this play what it was has been given this nod




From : thegiant


Hi David,


How exciting. you guys are responsible for giving me my one and only review of the entire

Fringe... must work on my PR next year


Comments from me: Had an amazing Fringe, the show got better and better culminating

in a terrific final week. Sacking my hired flyerers and instead telling people puns on the

street was the turning point



Hope the ceremony goes well!