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Comments 2013

From : littlebulbtheatre Date : 14/10/2013 - 16:02 (GMTDT) To : davidandann1 Subject : RE: Edinburgh 2013


Dearest David and Darkchat,


Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the awards and lovely comments for our work this year

and previous. We are so grateful and I really want to answer your questions with time and thought as I

think they are really interesting, however are we are doing 3 different shows between now and christmas

(need to learn to say no! syndrome haha) so just thought i'd give you a heads up that it might take me a

while to get back to you, to apologise for this and also to keep reminding me as I really want to answer

them and just so you know they are in my to do list, so please forgive the lateness if you can.


Take care and thanks again for all your support,


Best wishes,


Clare x




DarkChat @WeAreDarkChat 5h @BenGoldsmith90 Good news. Last night you WON the Special

award for your performance in The Horne Section. Details to follow shortly!


1. Ben Goldsmith @BenGoldsmith90 4h Haha, great news! Thank you @WeAreDarkChat &

@hornesection "Last night you WON the Special award for your performance in The Horne Section"



DarkChat @WeAreDarkChat 22h And the DarkChat Award for Best Song is jointly awarded to

@BakersTweet for Is This The Way to Amarillo and @liormusic for My Grandfather.


Charlie Baker @BakersTweet 11h @WeAreDarkChat Big thanks.



DarkChat @WeAreDarkChat 21h The DarkChat Award winner of

Best Comedy Performance is @vikkistone for 'Definitely'.


Vikki Stone @vikkistone 21h @WeAreDarkChat That's very kind! Thanks very much :)


The DarkChat Award for Best Music goes to the wonderful

@Team_Splendid for Adam & Eve The Musical.


Splendid Productions @Team_Splendid 22h @WeAreDarkChat

thank you very much! From the Splendid Team x


DarkChat @WeAreDarkChat 23h The Award for Best Supporting Performance

in a play goes to @Halcruttenden for 'Making News'.


Hal Cruttenden @Halcruttenden 22h @WeAreDarkChat ah thank

you! I never win awards. All gratefully accepted. X


DarkChat @WeAreDarkChat 23h


The Award for Best Entertainment goes to Jeff Achtem for Slapdash

Galaxy 3D. His 3rd DarkChat Award winning show.


KnightmareLive @KnightmareLive 23h @WeAreDarkChat gutted


DarkChat @WeAreDarkChat 23h @KnightmareLive Me too, it got my vote

and I (Carl) was hoping it would come out of the envelope. Keep doing it. It's great! :-)



After another great awards ceremony last night a full list of all the

winners of the 7th DarkChat Awards can be seen

http://www.darkchat.moonfruit.com/#/2013-darkchat-awards/4579449844 …


Caroline Brockbank @CeilidhKids 11h @WeAreDarkChat congratulations to all the

winners, and thanks again for nominating us. See you next year?  

DarkChat @WeAreDarkChat 7h @CeilidhKids Thank you Caroline. And Thank you

for the fun. We'll see you next August. All the best for the year.


11/ DarkChat @WeAreDarkChat 28 Sep The Award for Best Play goes to

@Little_Bulb Theatre for Squally Showers. Their 2nd win in the Best Play

category after Crocosmia in 2008.


1. Little Bulb @Little_Bulb 1h Thank you @WeAreDarkChat we are v. chuffed

& would like to our mums, wardrobe designers & Don McLean for making

for Chain Lightening;p hahax