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What can we expect from your show this year?


my show is a massive phallus  rammed full of jokes . For 50 minutes i will fuck your pain away with my dildo of joy and the lube of laughter . There are also serious bits about the misogny that's metastasizing through the circuit at the moment, so, something for everyone .


Does it get harder to write a new show every year?


I find learning it harder then writing it .


How much does it change from night to night?


the Audience are sober during the day so you have to work harder but they appreciate the more "writerly " bits .


The festival lasts a long-time. Does it drag or fly by?


it's a marathon that's run at the pace of a sprint .


Do Edinburgh audiences differ from the  rest of the country?


They really enjoy storytelling as opposed to just straight gags .


Why did you come to Edinburgh?




What did you expect?


I didn't have any expectations , i just really wanted people to enjoy my show .


How did the reality differ from your expectations?


I underestimated how knackering the whole thing would be but doing the show was an utter joy


How did you get involved in the Free Festival?


I didn't want to mire myself in debt and the free fringe seemed like a viable option.PBH should get

an OBE for services to comedy .


Are you treated well in the Free Festival or are you looked down upon at all?.


Maybe because i was in a gay bar the vibe was a lot more mellow and the crowds were very enthuastic as for being "looked down on "  in the words of  the rapper Drake there's no "shame in my game, playa  "


 Why did you move to a paid show this year & what differences do you think it will make?


I love the Stand because they treat their comedians really well and it's a very professionally run outfit . It'll be nice to have proper lights and sound and no heckling handriers.


What is the best/ worst thing about the festival?


 Seeing posh Drama students in full zombie make-up in Tesco Metro fills me with overwhelming rage . I get it, You're in a show, now wash your face like a grown up before I punch you till my knuckles are pulp .


Roughly how many shows did you see last year?


None.  I was either sleeping or doing gigs.


Who were/ are your comedy heroes(s)?


Greg Proops and Patton Oswalt .


The Street is an odd venue. What is the best/ worst thing about it?


Being heckled by the hand-driers was a problem until i figured out how to remove the fuses.

On the plus side the two gals who ran the bar were absolute dolls and couldn't have been kinder .


What is your favourite place to eat/drink?


the victor hugo on the meadows was exceptional .


What are you most looking forward to in Edinburgh this year?


Hanging out at funny fillies with the other funny laydez .


How will you recover at the end of the festival?


I'll be gigging in New York.



Catch Mary Bourke at Stand Comedy Club from 1-26 August at 16.40.

 We intend to.


All Hail Mary.

And that includes you heckling Hand Dryers everywhere!


Last year DARKCHATTER Anne had a hunch to see Mary Bourke

and after charging from one end of Edinburgh to another to see her,

we were not disappointed.  She duly received 3 DARKCHAT  

nominations for Best Comedy/ Best Comedy Performance and

Best Free Show.


This year she is moving from the Free Fringe to The Stand and she

honoured us with her no nonsense (and frankly potty-mouthed)

comments. I probably should advise you to read this after  9pm and

with no-one under the age of 16 in the room or possibly the house!