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Created in 2007 DarkChat began as an idea for some friends to share their experiences of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with each other on a nightly basis, discussing the shows they had seen that day.


Fast forward and this has evolved into an online review site with the discussions provided to the wider world as well as our slightly inebriated friends.


We also enjoy the DarkChat Awards at the end of each Fringe Festival.   It's not quite a Perrier Award (but then what is nowadays?) but we enjoy debating who should receive them and if we can make someone feel a little bit warmer about their show then why not!!


If you'd like to contact us you can do using the form on the website or by simply clicking here.

Edinburgh 2018.........it's over!!!!


Anyone for some awards?


All roads led to Poole last weekend, well the M4 from Cardiff did along with a ridiculously early flight from Edinburgh, for the 12th annual DarkChat Awards.


After a traditional home-made Scottish feast and a fiendishly difficult Edinburgh Fringe based quiz we were off. There were surprises, there were cheers and there were plenty of performers responses.


"Until You Hear That Bell" picked up the prize for Best Show, along with Best Actor and Best Director, but the biggest winner of the evening was Zenith Youth Theatre Company's "The Frogs", which picked up 4 awards.


Details of all of the winners can be found here and reviews for all of the shows we saw this year can be found here including all of the reviews by our 9 year old mini-DarkChatters.


In readiness for this year's shenanigans we prepared by watching a few preview shows and caught up with a few performers to see how they were feeling with the Fringe just around the corner.  You can find those reviews and interviews within our News section.


This year's DarkChat flat occupees were The Coxes, David & Anne, returning for the 12th successive year and Carl, Kate, Dylan & Harri back once again, with our youngest two DarkChatters experiencing their fifth taste of the Fringe despite their young age.  Our motto is "We like to be entertained", safe to say that this year, we were.


And that is it for another year, keep checking the website for the occasional review and bonus interview as we see some of our Fringe friends through the year. For now though it's time to lie down in a darkened room for a while and possibly hibernate!

Who are DarkChat?


Drawn from across the UK DarkChat include a broad spectrum of people of all ages, backgrounds and sexes.  We include writers, directors, performers, students and fans of many genres.



To find out more about the individuals click here or for some more in-depth analysis have a look at some of the DarkChatters Q&As.

Reviewing in September?  Whatever next??!!


The Fringe may be over for another year but

we've overcome our exhaustion (just) and are

out and about reviewing acts who have also (probably)

just got over the Fringe as well!  First up this year

was Chris Chopping at the Dolly Chicken Comedy

Night in Cardiff.


See what 'Dead Eyes' Dave thought here