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AJ’s Coffee Shop – 7th July 2017


“More Rollicking Hotel Fun”

As ever we get extremely excited about the forthcoming Edinburgh festival. Being impatient we always keep our eyes open for Edinburgh previews in Cardiff and were intrigued to see “Service” was performing for a few nights before travelling to the Scottish capital for the month of August.  George Goding has been writing and honing several episodes of the “Service” series over a number of years and as I had previously seen and thoroughly enjoyed episodes 1 & 2 I was keen to see what happens to these interesting characters next.


For a show based in a restaurant this was aptly set in AJ’s coffee shop/ bar in City Road. Each episode is a stand

alone story so it doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen any before (though there is an underlying link).  Episode 3

concerned the rivalry between the restaurant and the events team, with Episode 4 revolving around a

management inspection.


These stories are always well-plotted and extremely funny. Each segment opens with its theme tune allowing the

actors to produce three minutes of perfectly choreographed unspoken fun. This immediately sets the scene and the

audience can relax knowing they are in safe hands as the director and actors know exactly what they are doing.


Well plotted, brilliantly acted and extremely funny, what more can you want from a show? Considering this was an

Edinburgh preview the production was so slick you know they are ready to go.


We always head to Edinburgh with high expectations but if we see a funnier hour we will very happy. Edinburgh audiences

you have been warned. Miss “ Service” at your peril. ( In fact go twice as they are performing all 4 episodes during their run).



Service is playing at theSpace @ Jury's Inn (Venue 260) throughout the Fringe (not Sundays) at 12.50