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2008 Reviews

Thursday 14th August



Visualise : Reloaded - Venue 13 12:00

"All School science should be like that!"  Enough to inspire a child to want to do something ending in 'ology when they grow up!  



Armando Ianucci's Charm Offensive - Pleasance Courtyard 14:15

Topical comedy panel show for a Radio 4 recording featuring Robin Ince, Matt Kershin and Lucy Porter.   Some hit and miss moments but well worth a listen when it goes on air.




Isy Suttie: The Suttie Show - Pleasance  Courtyard 16:00

A performer with the undoubted talent to reach the very top, hiding behind too many comedy characters.  Enjoyable audience participation and an hour well spent.  




Bale De Rua - Assembly @ Assembly Hall 18:50

Impressive, lively, vibrant dance show from 'sweaty, shirtless South Americans.'  Perhaps a quarter of an hour too long with no plot, but still a good way to re-energise after a long day Fringing.



Bill Bailey - Tinselworm - Gilded Balloon @ Edinburgh Playhouse 20:00

2 hours of comedy from the comedy giant that is Bill Bailey.  Bailey reveals that aside from being a musical genius he is also an enormous nerd as well, he is no ordinary stand-up.  A slightly self-indungent bit of 'duelling sitars' towards the end didn't spoil the enjoyment of a fantastic show.



Edinburgh-On-Sea - Sweet Grassmarket Swimming Pool 22:38

Bizarre show in a swimming pool with almost as many performers as audience!  Ranging from songs on the dangers of fellating in a swimming pool to human pool in a pool!  Dave just wished he'd taken his trunks to enter fully into the spirit and the pool!





Friday 15th August



Pornography - Traverse Theatre 13:45

A worthy fictional account of lives leading to the events of the 7/7 terrorist attacks on London.  These are soap-like melodramas of a variety of characters (many of whom it is hard to care about) whose lives are barely affected by the London bombings.  Special mention must go to Sheila Reid for her moving (and funny) portrayal of a lonely embittered widow.  The play ends with mini obituaries of those who died in the bombing.  For me, the most emotional part of the performance was watching the majority of the audience blatantly ignore this and discussing where to have lunch.  




Danny Robins' Dannyfest - Pleasance Courtyard 18:00

"An hour of sillyness" hosted by Festival organiser and Eavis wanabee Robins, ably assisted by Health & Safety rapmaster Doc Brown.  Mud Fights, getting high using Pickled Onion Monster Munch, Toothpaste & Orange Juice and a crowd surfing comdeian in a portakabin all contributed to a show that was definitely better than The Verve at Glastonbury!




Count Arthur Strong

Amusing character based comedy.  Some hilarious moments but perhaps a little disappointing that some of the strongest material was recycled from the recent series broadcast on Radio 4.  The plot line could perhaps have been stronger and greater use of the extremely funny 'TV clips' would have raised the show to another level (but where else could you buy an autographed sausage as a souvenir?)





The Bavarian Folk Tradition Show - Laughing Horse @ The Counting House 22:05

A show that does exactly what it says on the label.  We learnt about Bavarian drinking techniques, pigsong and yodelkunst.  All I need to do now is to book my flight to Munich to put these skills into practice. A free show that entertained a packed venue. Wunderlicht!




Adam, Jason & Friends - Assembly @ Assembly on The Mound 00:00

Every year we attempt to close our festival with a big finish.  What could be better than seeing the two aforementioned comedians at the absolute top of their games, bouncing off each other?   As indicated in the title, this was not just their show;  guests included Des Bishop, David O'Doherty and Glenn Wool (with a brief appearance from Jimmy Carr).   No one who was there will forget the image of the two hosts watching a performer insert a spoon into his nose and then realise that they were expected to do the same!