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DarkChat - 10 years on

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10 years ago DarkChat was formed after a group of friends decided to go to the Fringe together and review what they had seen for each other.  Too much wine had been consumed and it seemed a really good idea at the time.


10 years (and a whole lot of wine) later those same 8 friends met up for a 10th anniversary meal and drink and to reminisce abut those times and be amazed at the amount of stuff that DarkChat Dave had kept from that Fringe.



From Left to Right:

(Back Row): Dave,




(Front Row): Carl,




The anniversary saw the DarkChat numbers swell from 8 to 10 with the addition of mini-DarkChatters Harri and Dylan.


DarkChat's 10th anniversary will see the boys making their 4th visit to the Fringe despite their young age.


Their  addition to the acronym also brings us racing  into the modern age as we are now DarkChat HD!!