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Created in 2007 DarkChat began as an idea for some friends to share their experiences of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with each other on a nightly basis, discussing the shows they had seen that day.


Fast forward and this has evolved into an online review site with the discussions provided to the wider world as well as our slightly inebriated friends.


We also enjoy the DarkChat Awards at the end of each Fringe Festival.   It's not quite a Perrier Award (but then what is nowadays?) but we enjoy debating who should receive them and if we can make someone feel a little bit warmer about their show then why not!!


If you'd like to contact us you can do using the form on the website or by simply clicking here.

Edinburgh 2020.........or 2021?


Anyone for some awards?


So the 13th Annual DarkChat Awards have been awarded, held at our glittering ceremony in Poole on September 7th.  


This year 36 different shows received a total of 139 nominations in our 16 different categories.  The Shark Is Broken topped the list with 10, one ahead of Tilda Swinton Answers An Ad On Craigslist. Dave comedy winner Jordan Brookes was looking to retain his DarkChat award for Best Comedy Performance which he won in 2018, yes, we got there first!


“The Shark Is Broken” convereted their nominations into 4 awards including a trio of acting awards and Best Play, although the coveted best Show award went to Camino De Sangjaro from South Korea.  A full list of winners can be seen here.

Who are DarkChat?


Drawn from across the UK DarkChat include a broad spectrum of people of all ages, backgrounds and sexes.  We include writers, directors, performers, students and fans of many genres.


To find out more about the individuals click here or for some more in-depth analysis have a look at some of the DarkChatters Q&As.

How was your Fringe?


With the 2019 Fringe over we asked some of our favourite performers how this year went for them and what they got upto.  Naz Osmanoglu, Beach Comet's Theo Macabe, Joe Bor, Briony Redman and Jonathan Price (from An Isolated Dog) let us know how their Fringe is.


Fringe shows in February?!


Winter is still upon us but as the cold, wind and rain take their toll on the country a chink of summer is breaking through the clouds as the first set of Edinburgh shows are released for the 2020 Fringe.


So crack out the spreadsheet, check what shows take your fancy, work out where they are and calculate if you can run half way across Edinburgh's packed streets in 15 minutes and get your lists together.  It doesn't matter that it will change repeatedly for the next 6 months, just go for it!!


Who this year will take your fancy enough to win some awards and follow “The Shark Is Broken” and Camino De Sangjaro as our big winners from last year?  A full list of those winners can be seen here.


August is cancelled!


As we all know there will be no Edinburgh festival this year. Here at DARKCHAT we are trying to stay safe, if not quiet, so we have been contacting some of our favourite performers to see how they have been getting on these difficult times. Here are some of their lovely responses:


Simon Munnery interview


Continuing our selection of interviews with performers missing this year's Fringe (first set here) we've been talking to Fringe veteran Simon Munnery about his Edinburgh memories and what he has been doing to fill the void left by missing his first Edinburgh Fringe for 30 years.