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Created in 2007 DarkChat began as an idea for some friends to share their experiences of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with each other on a nightly basis, discussing the shows they had seen that day.


Fast forward and this has evolved into an online review site with the discussions provided to the wider world as well as our slightly inebriated friends.


We also enjoy the DarkChat Awards at the end of each Fringe Festival.   It's not quite a Perrier Award (but then what is nowadays?) but we enjoy debating who should receive them and if we can make someone feel a little bit warmer about their show then why not!!


If you'd like to contact us you can do using the form on the website or by simply clicking here.

Edinburgh 2017.........over and out.


Awards, awards, awards!

And so it is all over. We over-indulged in wonderful Scottish home-prepared food (home-made Blinis with Scottish Smoked Salmon anyone), completed David ‘s quiz and tried to guess the rhymes in his Ode before settling down to the serious matter of opening envelopes to reveal the winners of the 2017 DarkChat Awards. Jessica Fostekew took the main prize with her brilliant tales of entertaining geriatrics on board a cruise ship, while How To Win Against History was the biggest winner of the night with a total of 3 awards.


The details of all the gongs awarded can be found here and all reviews for the shows we saw this year are  online so you can get a flavour of what we liked and why we liked them.


The Fringe First

To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Edinburgh Fringe and DarkChat's own 10th Anniversary we've invited a selection of people connected to the festival to provide their memories of their first festival.   Our latest set of memories here includes the brilliant Mark Thomas.  You can also take a look back at our previous batch including the memories of Greg Proops here.



2017 - A year of anniversaries

As most of you will know 2017 marks the 70th Anniversary of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, however it is also a landmark year for DarkChat as we celebrate 10 years together reviewing shows at the Fringe.


In June 2007 8 of us got together (4 regular Fringe goers and 4 other theatre-loving friends) and decided to visit that years Fringe and get together each night reviewing shows we had all seen that day initially just for each other.  Using the intials of our names the acronym 'DarkChat' was born.  From those humble beginnings we have now seen over 500 shows as a collective, spawned a website (hello) and hundreds of online reviews that have been read the world over.


This year DARKCHAT will consist of the Cox and Baldwin families ('Dack' of the original DarkChat). The latter now accompanied by Dylan & Harri, who whilst still only 8 years old will be enjoying their 4th festival. They will arrive with their full reviewing equipment ready to add to their own review area on this site.  So if anyone wants to be reviewed by 8 year old identical twins let us know here.


Once the Fringe is over we'll also be hosting our annual DarkChat Awards to see which show can follow Manual Cinema's "Ada/Ava" and take home the coveted Best Show award.


To see the full list of our 2016 winners click here.

Who are DarkChat?


Drawn from across the UK DarkChat include a broad spectrum of people of all ages, backgrounds and sexes.  We include writers, directors, performers, students and fans of many genres.



To find out more about the individuals click here or for some more in-depth analysis have a look at some of the DarkChatters Q&As.